3 Appealing Ideas of Kitchen Design

A kitchen will be able to function properly and look attractive as long as it’s supported by several elements, including the design. A certain design will give a certain look as well. There are a plenty of kitchen design ideas that can be applied. For giving you some inspiration, here are a few kitchen design ideas you should consider.

Hacienda-style kitchen

Hacienda style Kitchen 3 Appealing Ideas of Kitchen Design

One of kitchen design ideas worth trying is a hacienda-style kitchen. Wood is used as the material of cabinets, floors, island’s countertop, and ceiling beam. Wood is able to add warmth in the kitchen. To make the kitchen look more interesting, install a backsplash made of hand painted tiles in beige and green. To add textures, you can also use tile for the edge of the hood. As for the kitchen illumination, hang two star-fruit-shaped glass pendants right above the island area. In order to complement the kitchen’s overall look, use an island with built-in open shelving. The open shelving can be used to store cookbooks collection.

Modern, warm kitchen

Modern Kitchen with Warm Feel 3 Appealing Ideas of Kitchen Design

For modern kitchen design ideas, use wood as the material of the furniture pieces to create a warm feel. You can use wood for almost all kitchen elements such as cabinetry, flooring, and island. Don’t forget to place some bar stools in the island area. Use four-legged bar stools made of metal with brown seating. By placing some bar stools you’ll be able to use the island as a preparation area as well as a breakfast area. Put some small potted plants on the island and cabinets as a decoration. The use of wood furniture pieces offers a warm feel and elegant look to the kitchen.

High gloss kitchen

Kitchen with High Gloss Furniture 3 Appealing Ideas of Kitchen Design

A high gloss kitchen in all-white is also one of kitchen design ideas worth trying. The countertops of the kitchen above are made of high gloss material. The high gloss material will reflect the light, making the kitchen look brighter and more spacious than it actually is. The installation of black and white tile in a zigzag pattern for the flooring makes the kitchen look even more attractive. There is also a cupboard with patterned doors placed in the corner of the room.


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