Appealing Bathroom Interior Decors with Mosaic Tiles and Zinc-Lined Tub

bathroom decorating ideas with tidal wave Appealing Bathroom Interior Decors with Mosaic Tiles and Zinc Lined Tub

This bathroom is designed for girls. This private space is nestled in a stunning apartment which was built in New York. Entering this bath, you will feel the stunning modern art and amazing details including the textured floors, fluted walls, comfiest sofa and more. The secret to James Howard and Phoebe’s appealing design is all in its details. Wall mirrors of Restoration Hardware with the oval feature are hung in front of the mosaic tiles waves. The tiles irradiate subtle colors of gray, white and blue that echoing a soothing ambiance in this clean bathroom. James Howard is the designer of those enticing mosaic tiles with the tidal wave. Silver sconces with slim designs are mounted over the oval mirrors. They will irradiate this vanity table in a modern way with its futuristic design and shimmery silver color. There is an additionally mounted mirror at the corner spot. In the middle of the countertop, there is a vase on a glass top which is used to separate the area of the twin sinks. Drawers and storage are added beneath the countertop to store more stuff that will manage the tidiness in this room.

zinc tub bathroom decorating ideas Appealing Bathroom Interior Decors with Mosaic Tiles and Zinc Lined Tub

The addition of patina and antiques dominate a cozy home in Santa Barbara. This dwelling belongs to a talented designer, Penelope Bianchi. One of those stunning items is the zinc-lined tub with the accent of the 1860s. This idyllic item is surrounded by trio window with a symmetrical display with the tub in the hub of the tight space. A unique hanging lamp of Chinese birdcage is installed on the ceiling precisely over the tub. The lighting fixture has its flair to illuminate this space in a whimsical way. It irradiates this cramped bath by bringing vintage touch and quirkiness to the entire space. Still talking about the tub, I do really love the rusty look of the brownish shade with shabby grayish hue at the inner part of the tub. A low wooden table with round top is placed nearly the tub to ease the user to pick anything he or she needs when they take a bath. Lovely roses on white vase prettify the display on the table top with its vibrant natural color. A stainless steel rack for the towels is added nearby the rightmost window.



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