Appealing Bathroom Decorating Ideas with Faux Window and Pebbled Floor

faux window in a bathroom Appealing Bathroom Decorating Ideas with Faux Window and Pebbled Floor

A window is created on glass with a photo of Amanda Weil. This master bathroom was designed by a talented homeowner of Royce Pinkwater. The photo creates a faux window to this bright private space. The rest of this clean bathroom is done in pristine white marble. The designer says that she likes harmony and consistency in a home. The photo which is added on the wall becomes the background of the bathtub. In addition, besides decorating the wall, it also creates a sweet contrast with the dominant color of white. The corner of the tub is also prettified with huge pinkish flowers. And to hang the towel you can use the towel holder above the tub or even you can use the edge of the tub to throw the functional fabric. The main entrance is a translucent glass door with stainless steel knob.

pebbled floor bathroom design Appealing Bathroom Decorating Ideas with Faux Window and Pebbled Floor

Barrie Benson, a talented designer of this bathroom was intentionally added pebbled floor to bring a spa-like feel into this private space. This bath is nestles in a stunning home which is located in North Carolina. She considered adding that kind of floor to make a therapeutic and very relaxing feel to the feet especially that feet are parts of body which have the most pressure points. By standing on cobbled stones which have smooth feel will rock anyone’s chakras.

The tub which has an oval feature is placed nearby the window to get sufficient daylight and fresh air. You can hang some decorative ornaments or paintings to enliven the pale look of the colored-cream wall. At the corner spot, we see a tiny stool with round top. This functional and decorative item has an intricate body which supports the stool top. You can place some books or toiletries on its top to ease you picking anything you need while you soak your body on the tub.

The shower room is placed at the leftmost part of the space with a translucent glass wall. The floor in this niche is in black. I don’t know whether the floor is made of the same material with the pebbled floor or not. The main entrance is a door in creamed-color with golden knob. A towel holder is mounted nearby this area between the door and the shower room.


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