Appealing Backsplash Ideas in Kitchen Interior Designs

burnt orange in a california kitchen Appealing Backsplash Ideas in Kitchen Interior Designs

This cooking space is dominated by the use of a liberal use of burnt orange. The spicy tone makes the look of this California kitchen looks more special. Melanie Coddington, the designer of this kitchen says that the focal point in this space is started with the backsplash tile of Contessa Pagoda from Walker Zanger. A dramatic look is created by the matching hood in dark black tone with the range of La Corneu Chateau 120. The surface of the backsplash looks so charming with the neat pattern of the tiles in subtle hues. The gallant hood is flanked by the wall mounted cabinets with a kitchen stove beneath it. The floor is in shabby hue of light brown that merges with the burnt orange of the wooden furnishings.

disco ball in a Kitchen interior decor Appealing Backsplash Ideas in Kitchen Interior Designs

Mirrored tiles in this kitchen maximize light of the cooking space. The kitchen is a part of a cozy loft which is nestled in Manhattan. The use of tiles jazzes up the look of the painted bamboo bar to create a glitzy entertaining space. This bar has an L-shaped cabinet which has a glossy countertop. A sink is installed on the top of the cabinet with a sleek stainless steel tap which has a smooth curvaceous feature. Behind the sink, the surface of the wall is adorned by a brick which has a rustic look. Some bottles of beverages are placed on the corner part of the cabinet top. Well, the translucent vases are placed in a parallel line with the beverages. The countertop is framed by a thin wire. The surface of the floor is in subtle green that brings a fresh look to the decor.

faux finish in a Kitchen interior decor Appealing Backsplash Ideas in Kitchen Interior Designs

Can you guess the wall behind the open racks? It has a similar look like brick but it is not; says Ken Fulk, the designer of this stunning kitchen. The surface of an accent wall in this New Orleans kitchen is covered by the faux finish. It is a captivating terracotta tile of rough-hewn and they used it to all the surfaces of the walls up to the ceiling. And the use of the stunning tile has more impact to the interiors rather than the typical backsplash. The open racks cover all the surface of the accent wall which is separated in vertical arrays. The center rack consists of three vertical arrangements, while the outermost racks have four planks. Beneath the center rack, there is a stunning sink with a sleek stainless steel tap. The wooden cabinet is painted in subtle tone with golden knobs.


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