An Impressive House Trip to Get Inspired with Boho Interior Decors

After having a fun house trip in this beachy seaside home we will continue it from the master bedroom. Previously, we have seen the entryway, living room, kitchen, dining room and also the powder room. Let’s back to the master bedroom to see the boho interior decors. This personal room overlooks the ocean and coated in Carnival wallpaper Christopher Farr Cloth. The designer, Bashaw wanted it to have a feel like a gentle cocoon. The burlap bed is a customize item with nailhead trim. It is dressed with idyllic monogrammed pillowcases. Those set are by Leontine Linens while the sheets in this master bedroom are from Schweitzer Linen with the addition of a Les Indiennes throw.

boho master bedroom An Impressive House Trip to Get Inspired with Boho Interior Decors

Over the brown velvet headboard, there are unique wall sconces. Nightstands with table lamps are placed at each edge of the bed frame. They are equipped with drawers and open storage to avoid a cluttered look. Don’t forget to place pots or vases with a bunch of lovely flowers. If you need some privacy, just hang a nautical curtain on the window. You can also double it with blinds to avoid the warm of tropical sunlight. A fronted armoire with one of a kind vintage lace is from Anthropologie which is cofounded by the client. This item with the carving accents totally enlivens the boho interior decors together with a weaving basket.

bathroom in bohemian decor An Impressive House Trip to Get Inspired with Boho Interior Decors

In the boho interior decors of Bashaw, the guest bathroom gets spa-inspired with a Claire white bathtub. That lavish item is from Signature Hardware while the Pinstripe fixture is by Kohler while the Palm Leaves wallpaper is by Cole & Son. Nearby the tub, there is an armless chair with high back. Whimsical and unique carvings of the back truly make this chair more endearing. I do really love the daylight that permeates this private space in a natural way. The space of the window treatment is used to nest a white pot with fresh greenery. You can also place toiletries on the space. Moreover, you are also permitted to place food on plates or bowls on the spot while you enjoy the bathing time. Those are some inspiring boho interior decors by Colleen Bashaw. Hope you get inspired!


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