Amazing Bathroom with Transparent Walk-In Shower

Great Bathroom design with Transparent Walk In Shower Amazing Bathroom with Transparent Walk In Shower

Indeed, it is not doubted that this bathroom is really sophisticated. It blends between the artistic and modern style into one perfectly. And also, because the walk-in shower is encircled with the transparent glass, this big room even looks more expanded. There is no hindrance for seeing the outside view through the windows. This shower area is equipped with a shower steam which is installed on the ceiling. There is also a built-in seat which is created in a circular shape so that you can unwind just a moment while taking a shower.

It is not only a walk-in shower. In this room, there is also a white freestanding tub placed near three arch wood-framed windows which are built in a row. Besides getting modern touches, this bathroom also gets some vintage touches. It can be seen from the wooden material for the hardware. As you can see, this room is equipped with several vanities on the right and left sides. The countertops of the vanities are made of ceramic. Meanwhile, the cabinets are made of wood. The shape of white double vessel sinks which are placed only on the countertops located on the left side is like a bowl. This shape makes this room look classical.

Each vanity has a mirror and they aren’t lack of exposures. It is because some lovely wall sconces are mounted on the wall. The wall sconces on the left side are installed on the overhead mirrors whilst there is only a wall sconce on the right side and it is placed beside the mirror. The artificial lighting systems are not only from these wall sconces. This room also obtains extra exposures from the recessed lightings which are placed on the ceiling. Plus, the illumination from the above hits the glass wall of the walk-in shower and bounces to the entire area. Since this room also has some windows, it gets the natural radiance from the outside. The solar light can enter and fill the room. Even the fresh air can also get in and it is good for the air circulation, so the room is not too airless.


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