Amazing Bathroom with Closet-In Facility

Master Bathroom with Closet In Amazing Bathroom with Closet In Facility

When you have an enough large space, you can decorate your own bathroom as elegant as possible following the idea of an interior designer. The bigger space is the better because you can be more freely in expressing your creations in order to make a bathroom. One of many designs that you can implement is shown in the picture above. With some details of decorations in several certain parts, this bathroom is able to satisfy your expectation.

This bathroom is equipped with a white pristine drop-in tub which is encased with greenish brown cultured marble. The color of the marble looks like a bunch of green moss and it looks so natural. This room also looks fresher because there is a greenery plant planted in the medium-sized pottery close to the tub. Moreover, the natural light can also fill and enlighten the room passing by a window which is covered by flimsy white curtains.

Furthermore, on the floor which is coated by marble that has the same color with bath casing too, there are two sets of the vanities which are connected by a dressing table. Either the vanities or dressing table is equipped with drawers under the countertops. Moreover, these vanities own some cabinets. On the wall above these fixtures, there are two big mirrors in wooden frames. And, some the artificial lights of several wall sconces present the yellow radiance for this area. The part of this room also obtains exposures from the recessed lights installed on the ceiling.

The shower area is separated by square frosted glass. This area gets its own exposures from a ceiling lamp. In addition, this bathroom is equipped with a walk-in closet. As you can see, the closet has several open storages that you can use to keep some of your clothes. There are some candles in the chandeliers, so this room can be brighter. Plus, a rounded sofa is provided. You can use this comfy sofa to lay the clothes before you arrange them in the closet. Or, you can sit on it while you are choosing the outfit that you want to wear.


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