Adding Breakfast Nook Decors in a Kitchen

modern breakfast nook Adding Breakfast Nook Decors in a Kitchen

A pantry of the Butler will always be a great feature for many houses but sometimes, it ends up adding an extension to the kitchen that you didn’t actually need. What will you do with the floor space? Will you use it as living space or fill it with some cabinets that you don’t really need? Neither. You can utilize the space for a breakfast nook and you will find that it seems like it always belonged. Our first breakfast nook decors are separated by a doorless wall as the main entrance. It uses open floor plan with an open window which is made in a parallel line with the entrance. A decorative plant is placed on the window to bring the natural touch to the breakfast nook decors. The cushioned seat has U-shaped layout with a rectangular table and an armless chair.

beachy breakfast nook Adding Breakfast Nook Decors in a Kitchen

Just like you can fake the look of the built-in bookshelf, you also simply can fake the built-in breakfast nook decors because they always have the best look when they seem like they have been there in that spot from the beginning. Build and install bench into the wall to give it a permanence sense. The niche will fit with the bench you use. Add a rectangular table with the same width of the wall. Some armless chairs with cozy backseats will complete making a good balance for the table. To fill the empty space on the wall, add some artistic paintings there. A huge pendant lighting fixture can be hung to balance the space. This breakfast nook is placed in the middle part between the dining area and living room of this home.

wall braekfast nook Adding Breakfast Nook Decors in a Kitchen

There are still some breakfast nook decors left to inspire you. In fact, a breakfast nook doesn’t need to be large to create an impact. Make the space by spanning the window in your cooking space and you have added some cushions, the breakfast nook will still be the most comfortable space for each morning coffee. By doing so, you can sip your favorite coffee while seeing the outdoor views and getting sufficient daylight. It will also be a perfect time to read your favorite magazine or newspaper. Still, you can utilize the space nearby this spot to place a furniture set with a round table and some armless chairs.


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