A Minimalist Villa Decor in Italian Alps

The project of this minimalist villa decor has been accomplished by Camilio Botticini Architect. This cozy dwelling is located in Lumezzane, Italian Alps. The villa was perched on a mountain pass, 2300 feet up. The building is integrated with the natural environment and tranquil oasis. The landscape around this site is featured by a valley; it is also the green mountains frame with dolomite rock peaks to the north. This villa is close to the urban area but in other hand is far away from where you can see the grazing sheep and mountain herbs scent here.

italian villa living room A Minimalist Villa Decor in Italian Alps

The 3875 sqft minimalist villa decor was constructed of wood and oxidized copper in intriguing design and shape. The floor plan features an irregular C-formed which are merged by three different volumes in height. One of them becomes the place where the bedrooms are nestled; another one features the living room with over 14 feet ceilings soar. To reach the villa, you can step your feet on the staircase path.

The interiors of this minimalist villa decor are highly modern by the use of minimalist furnishings, expansive windows and plaster walls in white. This villa is equipped with sustainable features such as ventilated walls, a heat pump and also a geothermal system. From the façade of this spacious dwelling, we can see the scenic mountainous site. It’s so beautiful and wonderful. Let’s see its interiors to get more clearly information and details thus we will get inspired.

This living room features lengthwise layout with open plan concept. From this gathering space, we can see another space which is I guess the library or meeting room. I see a huge trunk or wooden box with a pot on its top. Maybe this item is used as a partition that signs this living room with the library. The living room interior is so minimalist with some seating set and a cabinet for the flat screen television. The seating set here features an L-shaped from that framing the television.

modern residence library A Minimalist Villa Decor in Italian Alps

Next, to the living room, the library consists of a long wooden table with many armless chairs in silver. The open cabinet is adjusted to follow the feature of the wall. This storage is used to place many book collections of the homeowner. Those are some rooms and sustainable features in this minimalist villa decor. Wish you get inspired!


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