A Fun House Trip to See the Room Interior Decors in a Beach Home

boho entryway A Fun House Trip to See the Room Interior Decors in a Beach Home

Let’s get inspired by the masterpiece of Colleen Bashaw in this beach home which is located in a charming seaside town, in Bay Head, New Jersey. The site can be reached easily from New York City only in an hour and a half. Feel the boho bliss in the room interior decors from the entryway. Bashaw really hoped to add a natural texture of fiber rug in this area without covering up the custom tile of patterned cement. She with the client i.e. Bayne the wife of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, he is known as Scott Belair. They were so lucky to get the help of the contractor who handles and outfits all the stores of Anthropologie. He had quite a few inspiring tricks up his sleeve. Firstly, he blends a custom paste then applied the mix to the rug back, and hung the item like wallpaper.

Still, in the entryway, we want to see inspiring room interior decors in this beach home. Why didn’t we put a sisal rug on the wall surface? They thought it would be a great idea to add a fun focal point,” the designer says. We will find so many creative possibilities on this project, they were endless. This cramped area is illuminated by whimsical pendant light in white by Arteriors. Behind the main entrance, there are two wooden hooks to place the bags and hats to avoid a cluttered look to the spot. A staircase with white wooden banister will help the homeowners to reach the upstairs. Let’s move to the living room. Here, Bashaw blended the subtle natural textures with color pops to create an eclectic and relaxed atmosphere.

boho cooking space A Fun House Trip to See the Room Interior Decors in a Beach Home

In cooking space, one of room interior decors of this beach home, we can see nautical brass accents which were paired with wooden cabinetry of cerused oak for a casual elegance look. A leather finish was chosen for the Silestone countertops. And the concrete-topped kitchen island is painted in Turquoise Haze in Benjamin Moore. To complete the display, some rattan barstools are placed neatly in front of the island top. Huge pendant lamps in gold are hung precisely on the island countertop. Those are some inspiring room interior decors that can impress you, a masterpiece of Bashaw.


Source            :           www.housebeautiful.com