60’S Retro Home Design with Quite Modern Look

After having house trip previously, now we will continue it to see more inspirations in this retro home design. We have seen the exterior, foyer, stairs, living room, and dining room and we’re going to look for inspiration in the culinary space. Architect Ray Booth has added about 50 sqf to the culinary space to accommodate everything they needed,”Boothsays. The new Eagle windows have a look like steel but in fact, they are aluminum. Booth intentionally chose marble of honed Carrara for the counters as a stunning fit for the palette in subtle beige and gray. The fixture of a Lindsey Adelman hangs from a new skylight above a clad of prep island in brushed-and-bleached oak. The wall cabinets are also made of the same material with the island i.e. oak with Whitechapel hardware. Let’s see more details in the retro home design, a cozy dwelling with 60’s accent with quite modern look.

kitchen in retro home 60’S Retro Home Design with Quite Modern Look

The culinary space is certainly equipped with storage. Doors with room-height panel and slide open are used to reveal the china cabinets and espresso station. There is much storage to help the homeowners in managing their kitchen equipment. In avoiding a cluttered look, you just need to close the sliding doors. I have told you the details in this culinary space, now it’s our turn to see the master bedroom. This personal room celebrates softness with a stunning upholstered headboard. The upholstery is from Joseph Company with bedding made from fabrics of Rogers & Goffigon. Two skirted chairs sit beside an impressive steel-frame mirror and it is a custom item. The chairs are by McAlpine for Lee Industries. The master bedroom ceiling fixture is from Remains Lighting. It is one of some idyllic lanterns in retro home design.

bathroom in retro home 60’S Retro Home Design with Quite Modern Look

Do you want to see the master bathroom? Certainly, and I’m too. The challenge in designing this master bathroom was to optimize every inch available space, “says Booth who under-mounted twin sinks of Kathryn from Kohler while the custom mirrors are by McAlpine. The silver stainless steel faucets are from Kallista. The last one we’re going to talk about is the patio, one of the coziest outdoor spaces of the retro home design.

patio in retro home 60’S Retro Home Design with Quite Modern Look

Actually, the adjacent family room and master bedroom open onto a cozy outdoor seating area. The outdoor lounge is completed with wicker chairs which are made of weather from Crate & Barrel. Those are some inspiring spaces include the culinary space, master bedroom and also the master bedroom in this stunning retro home décor. Hope you get inspired!


Source  :  www.housebeautiful.com