5 Gorgeous Inspiring Gray Living Room Ideas

Some people may love to play with colorful colors in their living room, while others prefer to some darker tones, like a gray color. You can also set your living room in gray like some ideas below:

Relaxing Modern Gray Living Room 5 Gorgeous Inspiring Gray Living Room Ideas

For you who think that gray is moody, think again! This one can make the living room looks really cool. To harmonize the color, this gray living room accented with a touch of white trim. And because of this living room placed near clear windows that offer a beautiful view, the gray hue can be more delicate and refreshing. If you also place the living room near large windows, choose simple furniture and let the eyes upward to the landscape. The existence of furnace beneath the TV, people can enjoy the TV with warmth during cold days.

Stunning Open Gray Living Room 5 Gorgeous Inspiring Gray Living Room Ideas

This open-plan space combines a kitchen and living room. The matching colors make both areas looks harmonious. To differentiate the living area, a brown rug is laid under the gray comfy sofa. The gray color dominates this area but it’s accompanied by other tones, like black, white, and a shade of yellow on the cushions and a pouf. This color combination leads the living area warmer and elegant because of a shaded chandelier. There is not only a brown rug that embellishes the wooden floor, right on the top of it, a white skin rug which completes the white hue in this area. There is also a black throw on the sofa that functions to give warmth to people.

Gray Living Room With Elegance 5 Gorgeous Inspiring Gray Living Room Ideas

The gray color will be an elegance symbol when it’s mixed with sophisticated styling and classic details. This room that is designed by the professional Cherie Lee Interiors, brings delicate color palettes which allow some details, including tufted sofas, architectural moldings, and carved mantels. This is a stunning gray living room decoration.

Cool Gray Living Room In Mid Century Chic Design 5 Gorgeous Inspiring Gray Living Room Ideas

In a mid-century chic decor, this gray living room looks really stunning. Apply a dark gray palette to give an edgy spin to this room style. Designed by Design London doesn’t insert traditional mid-century colors or something typical, but this gray living room presents a good sophistication which makes the space more modern.

Gray Living Room With Eclectic Touch 5 Gorgeous Inspiring Gray Living Room Ideas

Well, a full gray color can make the appearance looks monotonous. To enliven the gray decoration, some bold colors are inserted into this enticing living room. A colorful art on the gray wall makes this living room a bit artsy. A bench and two sofas with the bold colors can make this eclectic design of Clarity Home Interiors display a focal point that can attract the eyes.


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