3 Inspirations of Gray Kitchen Design

Designs and colors are important for a kitchen. An idea worth considering is the gray kitchen design. Gray is able to give calmness and comfort to the kitchen. Here are 3 inspirations of gray kitchen design.

A Charcoal Gray Colored Contemporary Kitchen 3 Inspirations of Gray Kitchen Design


The first gray kitchen design idea is a contemporary kitchen in a charcoal gray. Make this color more stunning by combining it with white. Charcoal gray can be used for the kitchen island, kitchen set, floor, and bar stool. As for white, use it for walls, ceiling, countertops, backsplash, and windows. To make your kitchen more beautiful, choose countertops made of white marble. Place some bar stools with gray seating around the island counter. Stainless steel can be used for bar stools material. Complement the kitchen’s look by installing two pendants that have a transparent glass lampshade above the island.

Giant Pendants in a Gray Kitchen 3 Inspirations of Gray Kitchen Design

Using dark gray as the kitchen’s main color is the second idea of the gray kitchen design. Combine the use of gray with white. Gray and white combination offers an elegant look. Adding some touches of black and brown by installing three giant pendants with a black semi-circle lampshade above the white kitchen island is a good idea. You can also place some bar stools with wooden seating and black iron legs. The pendants can be utilized as the focal point of the kitchen. Use gray for walls and the cooker hood, while white for floors, lower cabinets, windows, and the kitchen island. It would be also great to use a color combination of white and light gray for the window curtains.

Orange Accents in a White and Gray Kitchen 3 Inspirations of Gray Kitchen Design

Using a color combination of light gray and white is the last gray kitchen design inspiration. Use light gray for the upper and lower cabinets as well as the kitchen island, while white for the wall, ceiling, countertops, backsplash, windows. Using light brown wood as the flooring would be great as well. Add a pop of color in your kitchen by placing a few orange armless chairs the kitchen cabinets. To illuminate and enhance the look of your kitchen, don’t forget to install some ceiling lights and two pendants with transparent lampshade above the island.


Source: www.decoist.com