3 Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

There are many choices of designs that can be applied in the kitchen. Each of the design will provide a different impression and atmosphere. One of the designs that you can choose is the industrial design. Applying the industrial kitchen will make your kitchen look very attractive and elegant. If you are interested in applying this design in your kitchen, here are 3 ideas that you can follow.

Trendy Industrial Kitchen with Black and Green Combination 3 Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

The first idea is creating a trendy industrial kitchen using black and green as its color combination. Black can be used as the color of the floor, cupboard, dining table and chairs, wall-mounted shelves, and countertops. While green can be used for the kitchen set. Using white as the color of the wall and ceiling is also a good idea. Besides white, you can also give a little touch of beige by using it as the color of the pendant lights. As for the decoration, you can add scribble in the door of the wall-mounted shelves using white chalk. This decoration will look unique and attractive.

Industrial Kitchen Dominated by Stainless Steel 3 Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

You can also create an industrial kitchen that is dominated by the use of stainless steel. Stainless steel is used for almost all elements of the kitchen such as the kitchen set, cabinets, island, and kitchen appliances like the refigerator and oven. As for the color, you can use white to dominate the kitchen. White can be used for the wall and ceiling. You can also use geometric pattern for the floor to make your kitchen more attractive. The same pattern can also be used for the backsplash to create a harmonius impression. Adding a little touch of other colors can be a good idea to, for example, using light brown countertop and gray pendant light.

Industrial Kitchen with Interesting Black Wooden Ceiling 3 Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

The last idea is creating an indutrial kitchen by applying black wooden ceiling to provide an interesting look. Besides looking interesting, this kind of ceiling will give a rustic and traditional feel to the kitchen. In addition to the interesting black wooden ceiling, you can also use unpolished bricks on one side of the wall to enhance the rustic feel. Wood can also be used as the material of the island and its countertop and also for the floor. As an accent color, you can install green pendant lights above the kitchen island.


Source: www.decoist.com