3 Ideas of Designing a Kitchen with Stone Walls

When designing your kitchen, you definitely want to make it as comfortable and attractive as possible. To create such kitchen, you should consider many elements, including the kitchen wall. There are various materials that can be used for the wall, one of them is stone. Stone walls in the kitchen will provide a natural impression. Here are 3 ideas of designing a kitchen with stone walls.

A Stunning and Elegant Kitchen With Stone Walls and Kitchen Island 3 Ideas of Designing a Kitchen with Stone Walls

The first idea is using stone for the walls and the kitchen island. You can only apply stone on the wall beside the kitchen set and on the backsplash, while the rest of the walls use light brown paint. Light brown can also be applied to the kitchen set and the ceiling. To complement the look of your kitchen, you can use dark brown countertop and put several dark brown bar stools in the kitchen set area. For your kitchen illumination as well as decoration, you can install two pendant lights above the kitchen set. The look of your kitchen will be very stunning and elegant.

Gorgeous Kitchen With Curved Stone Wall and Retractable Glass Roof 3 Ideas of Designing a Kitchen with Stone Walls

You can also create a gorgeous kitchen by applying a curved stone wall on one side of the kitchen and retractable glass roof. Using black and brown stones for your curved wall is a great idea. The use of retractable glass roof makes your kitchen brighter and you can also open the roof to make your kitchen a semi-outdoor kitchen. For the color combination, use light brown wood for the floor, white for the kitchen island and the kitchen cabinets, beige for the rest of the wall, and gray for the countertop. Dark brown can also be used as the color of the window frames. For storing as well as displaying your cookware, you can install several hooks and hang your cookware there.

The Combination of Stone walled Kitchen With Pool Deck 3 Ideas of Designing a Kitchen with Stone Walls

The last idea is combining the stone-walled kitchen with the pool deck. You can apply the stone wall in the side of the kitchen where you put the cooking area. For the color of the kitchen set kitchen cabinets, and ceiling, you can use white. Using glossy ceramic as the material for your kitchen floor is a great idea. As for the floor of the pool deck, you can use wood. For the furniture of the pool deck, you can put a table and some padded sofas with white seats and brown legs.


Source: www.decoist.com